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Trends [City Vibes]


Product Description

In keeping with our commitment to constantly absorbing design trends from across the world, this latest Kronodesign® Trends Collection brings you an array of exciting new decor updates. Our City Vibes theme is the platform for looks inspired by the definitive character of four of the world’s most iconic cities. The resulting new additions are here to keep your design palette up to speed with the latest moves in global design.

Our focus is to always enable and inspire design professionals on an ongoing basis. Contrasts, complements, myriad shades and textures, the organic, the urban, the cool, the outré – Kronodesign® Trends and City Vibes continue to give you the latitude to create with worldwide freedom, reflecting the transformational power of great design and also the sometimes haphazard evolution of the urban, as evidenced in four distinctive chosen cities – Barcelona, Milan, Moscow and Warsaw. 

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