Changxing Vacuflex Hose Technology Co., Ltd.





Company Profile

VACUFLEX GmbH is an independent company of the Schauenburg Hose Technology Group and a specialist in the production of thermoplastic hoses and production lines for thermoplastic hoses lines with production sites in Germany and China: Highly flexible and reinforced thermoplastic hoses from 8 - 500 mm int. diam. have been produced for the last five decades. VACUFLEX products are used in many different industries.

· Automotive industry:  汽车

· Household and electrical applications: 家用电器和电动工具

· Air conditioning & Ventilation: 通风

· Dust Extraction: 吸尘

· Machinery and Equipment: 机械设备

· Medical technology: 医疗设备

· Sanitary Technology: 清洁设备

· Material Handling: 物料处理

· Chemical Fumes, Gases and High Temperature Applications: 化学烟雾、高温气体