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Company Profile

BLUE-VENT GROUP head office is located in Denmark. The branch company is located at USA, EUROPE, CHINA, VIETNAM, INDONESIA, AUSTRALLIA.

BLUE-VENT GROUP has 2 branch companies in China: Blue-vent China(Biejing blue-vent) and EUMA MACHINERY.

Blue-vent China supply turn-key project of dust collection system: Our customer include: Oppein furniture group(Guangzhou ,Qingyuan, Wuxi, Tianjin,Chengdu, Wuhan manufacture centre), Country garden furniture group (Henan country garden furniture and Anhui country garden furniture); red apple furniture, Sinocrane door of Sophia furniture group; KUKA furniture, Sunon group.

Euma machinery supply advanced Europe Machine to China customer: Include: press machine of Burkle (Germany). Auto drilling machine of Rilesa machine of Denmark..The door frame CNC Machine from ITALIA…accurate cutting saw of OMGA(ITALIA) .This customer include: Tiantan furniture, TATA door, Jiangshan oupai, XINDI door etc