Maus Industries Sdn Bhd





Company Profile

MAUS Industries Sdn Bhd is a specialized Natural Latex Foam Factory that produces High Quality Pure 100% Natural Latex Foam in Malaysia. Our strategic location enables us to tap into one of the most precious raw material found on earth, Natural Latex.

We are one of the very few manufacturers of 100% Natural Latex Foam in the world, adopting the famous Dunlop manufacturing process. Our products are certified to be pure, natural and toxic free by International Laboratory such as LGA, Germany. Natural Latex Core can be used in Mattress, Topper, Pillow and Upholstered furniture such as Sofa. Our customer portfolio ranges from different industry globally.

We proudly use only 100% Natural Latex from the rich resources of Malaysia, known as the country producer of the best quality natural latex in the world. Thoroughly believing in the ecologically friendly and benefits of using natural products, we it is our passion to make the best beddings for the comfort of mankind.

We are an exclusive OEM manufacturer, manufacturing according to the specification and requirements of our customers.

Our strength lies in our ability to produce quality latex bedding products, through continuous research and development and utilizing leading edge technology equipment and the best combination of contemporary sourced raw materials.

Our range of products from 100% Natural Latex Mattress, 100% Natural Latex Pillow and 100% Natural Latex Baby Range Products are safe and hygienic as all products are sanitized, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic.

Natural Latex Mattress have the ability to gently support and conform to our body, alleviating pressure points and dramatically reduces sleep disturbances. While Natural Latex Pillow are designed to suit the contour of the neck, providing head, neck and shoulder support.